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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Enjoying the season not rushing through it.

So this is as anyone who has ever read my crap knows one of my favorite times of the year.  While I do love the getting and giving and it is a good selling season for my little shop I really try to enjoy the time with friends and family. 
Yesterday I went out when it was slow and dicked around picking out bath products when it was quiet and I got to enjoy myself not be crushed into a store with 500 other customers.  Last night we went on a holiday lights drive.  Sunday we are going to see a live nativity.  OK so I am not a church person as I do not really go for organized religion but I am a animal person and they have lots of animals in a petting zoo you get to see and pet for free and while they share their religion they don't try to overwhelm ya it is much more feel free to come in and chat here is a pamphlet if you like.  Not the repent now people.
So today I am taking a hour one whole beautiful uninterrupted hour to sit with nothing on but the Christmas lights because I like the glow and in that hour I am just going to relax and think about what really matters to me and how lucky I feel. 
Hope you all enjoy your holidays as well.
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