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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas or whatever the hell you celebrate.

So the photo above is meant to make you all laugh.  That is my cute little orange girl all angry about being done up donning festive gear.  Here is what this post is all about.  Our Christmas is small we have gifts for family will of done a total of two parties and love more than anything to snuggle up together.  We are lucky we have a warm well mostly warm house a good deal of plastic in the windows this year.  We have plenty of food and medicines if we need them. We have decent jobs and make enough to have a OK little life. We have sweet pets like the tiny devil featured above.  We have family that is looking forward to being with us and friends that think of us and make us laugh as well.  We have a few presents under the tree, sugar cookies on the stove.  Yes one of them is a penis and we have love.  It is not a perfect love but it is ours and we enjoy the hell out of ourselves. 
I cannot imagine there is anyone out there who reads my post on a regular basis as I usually fail to keep this up but whoever you are any place out there if you come across this.  For the holidays this year I wish you everything we have and more.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my little world.
See ya in 2013 assuming doom does not come for us tomorrow.

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