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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Water Color and New Dreams

So the photo above is of a illustration I did. Already sold it feeling very grateful about that but it makes me laugh so I thought I would share it as well.

This week has been a real adventure for us. First we got our new used car which for the first time in a long time has us with tow cars making my efforts at doing shows and all that kind of stuff much easier. We also happen to love it.

Then something strange happened. My husband who is a big lover or routine and tends to like comfort zones shocked the hell out of me. He found out that Sweden has a area that is fairly temperate and even has a season for palm trees. He is now convinced we should move there and shake our live up for fun. Then me the list making plan by the years lady said why the hell not. So we toss just picked up and tossed out our big 5 and 10 yr plans and are working out a new one to move there in 2-4 yrs just for a adventure. So we are looking into what all we would have to do from top to bottom to do just that.

What made me really happy about that is I am good at when I get a goal focusing on it till I can make it happen. But having the husband come up with it and both of us just say hey lets make this happen adds so much fun to it. I would hate to think I was such a planner I had no room for new goals or dreams so this has put a constant smile on my face.

In other news I am making up penis promo boxes to send out soon. So what are you doing to reach your dreams this year.

Love Cappy

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Courting what you want

I used my Froggy went a courtin painting for the topic because Froggy is off trying to get what he wants. So it has only been a couple of weeks into January but I feel like I am making a solid effort to focus on the things I want and clear the things I do not off the deck so they are not drawing me away when I feel frustrated.

This week the big things I have worked on are moving part of the art cave upstairs. I have some issues and to much cold makes me sick for hours. I finally had to just recognize that no amount of bundling up was gonna keep me from coming back up stairs sick as a dog all winter. So I took over part of the office/dining room.

Things are getting more organized and more shit has gone to the charity shops than is left in the house. We will be picking up our second car this week it was supposed to be last week but it had a issue. That got me down but I am just trying to stay focused on the fact that I cannot control that and how much easier doing shows and just keeping up is gonna be with two cars.

The last thing I have spent some time on is working on eating better. It took another bout of having to have ulcer meds but I am improving my eating again. Got some of my favorites and have really been trying to make time.

So I see this as me courting a proper place to work, expanding my business and a healthier life. What are you courting this week.



Monday, January 9, 2012

Moving Forward

This year I really wanted to do about 100 different things. I have plans for maybe 50 projects and that is not a exagerated number. That also does not include the family goals, financial goals, personal goals, and various other things. So I made a giant plan. I ate up most of a note book with the list from the smallest to the largest. Then I came up with plans on how to make each one happen. So in that effort I am going to try and share some about my art but mostly about my life on this blog. So yeah flip on to your next blog now.

This last week things I did towards that goal was to sew several items we needed around here I had just never made, got photos actually printed up for the albums which does not sound like much but when you realize it has been a year or more since you actually printed any up it gets a little sad. I took some stuff I did not need to a charity. They can sell it and use the proceeds to support one of my favorite animal charities. I actually got some sleep even when I felt like I was doing something wrong by not staying up till all hours to do every thing I wanted to do. This week I have more stuff to do but I am spreading it and organizing it and finding in general it makes meeting goals easier. So here is to hoping this year is a resolution clearing bitch.

Oh and I wanted to do a giveaway for my fan page. Sure it does tend to bring a little business but in general it is just fun and is a way to say thanks for following and supporting my business. Here is a link if you would like to enter it is easy.

Love Cappy

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year new day new life new penises to make

So this year I thought for fun I would keep you guys up to date on my adventures in resolution land. I like to see the image above as my version of irons in the fire. Each week I am gonna try to come in and let you know what I am doing about my resolutions both personal and some work related.

For me my biggest personal one this year is to get back to being all healthy. What I have done about it is to make a plan that was very flexible and not overwhelming with my husband who is now more into being healthy as he has had to start meds that make him sluggish.

My biggest business goal is to really expand what I make and advertise better. What I have done to make it happen is start a couple of sale things such as a new service I am offering called Jazz up your crap here is the brand spanking new page I made to show that stuff off. I am also working on a special penis page and figuring out the best way to put my advertising bucks to use.

So what are you wanting to do this year and how are you going to make it happen?