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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hp Just blew me off again

I am back to writing another post about how horrible HP is. So I got a email stating they would call me. Two days later I had gotten no help what so ever. I called today because I realized the lady who told me what to do to send back the box with the computer in it told me wrong.

I called the 800 number that they sent me when I wrote the company about how horrible my first customer service issue was. Here is a link to that post. well the lady I got said they had not even looked at it and when I tried to explain why I was upset that they wanted to charge me additional funds said well that is our policy. After I asked for her name or a way to show them who I had spoken with and document it she would only tell me she was Carolin smith and that I did not need to know any more than that. She said the error did not matter nor who made it but that they would only either do a total refund to redo the whole and that was the way it was. When I said that policy sucks all I wanted to do was send back the one I got and get the proper one in a reasonable time frame she said well that is how it works and got very bitchy.

When I explained I intend to post this customer service of suckdom everyplace I can find she stated we don't care about that.Then I explained if I have to wait a longer amount of time to get my new computer because they told me to ship it back wrong I would be suing them. She then told me I will tell them that and hung up on me. What a total bunch of whack jobs.

Hp is just a menace.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why HP is a horrible company

The first photo you see is a screen cap from a computer we bought from HP. For us it is a huge deal. The computer we have is old and shuts down often every five minutes or so making running my business small business and trying to expand it very difficult. So we saved and found the perfect computer. It had all the things I need and a few others like a HDMI port which we really wanted as well. So when our computer showed up it did not have the HDMI port or a 6 card reader but a 3 card.

We thought oh well that sucks but we will call them. Surely after putting almost $600.00 into a computer getting this straightened out won't be to hard. The hell it won't First we waited on hold forever then we finally got a guy who kept telling us that our computer did not come with these things. We explained if he looked on the HP website at what it says the computer we ordered came with he would see they had made the error not us. Some how that was not working. He finally agreed to give us a port if we shipped it back and then they would send another computer after they made it. I said that would maybe work but I wanted expedited shipping tossed in as I lose money everyday I cannot do much online for my small business and this was all there mistake. He said he could not give me things for free I would have to talk to returns. This was about a hour and 15 minutes in of talking to someone who I could only make out about every 3rd word he said and who seemed to have no understanding of my speech as well. I said fine kick me over to returns then.

So the first lady I spoke to in returns then told us again our computer came with none of this stuff and she could do nothing either. We would have to go back to the customer service guy and get a ticket number. I said no give me a manager of some kind as it had been about another 45 minutes. She informed me no manager was available then so she would send me to resolutions.

Resolutions proved to be somewhat useful. At this point I had to hand it back of to my husband he is sick and takes some serious medications for high blood pressure so with him having a cold I wanted to make him some lunch to keep him on his schedule of pills. No one in their right mind would of expected 2hrs later to still be on the phone.

This lady finally brought up the page and the husband got her to see yes indeed you owe us some improvements. When I got back on the phone she told me that first they thought it would just be easiest to charge me almost $600.00 again then release my first purchase funds in 3-5 business days. I told her there was no way a company as lacking in basic business skills was doing any such a thing. Then she said it would be OK they could just charge us $40.00 and some change more and that they would refund that when they ship the new computer. I said no you guys will have to work that out on your own. I do not feel comfortable with being put over a barrel to get you to repair something you sent out wrong. Well she sent me on to another supervisor who said yes that apparently the only way HP can repair your item even if they screw it up and send you a bad item is to charge you then refund it. So in desperate need of a new computer I agreed with one stipulation. I wanted a letter sent to my email stating that I would get that additional $40.00 refunded upon shipment of the new computer. She said she would and we got it all worked out. At this point we were in for about 3hrs.

Then I took a break and had lunch. Then I checked the email and realized nothing ever came. So I thought OK this is not to bad surely I can just call back and make sure they have the right email. Nope that was wrong as well. First I talked to a man named John. He said he could fix it and send me all the emails I was missing. According to them I had given them a messed up email. I doubt that but OK maybe I did lets just get it fixed. So one message came from John just a FedEx will pick up the other computer letter no actual letter about the $40.00. So I called back and talked to a woman named Princess for 35 minutes who told me she could not send me anything but gave me her firm assurance I would get reimbursed. At this point I demanded a supervisor. She sent me a email after about 45 minutes. So all in all I am out a new computer for about 2 more weeks. I had to spend 5hrs ball park talking to people who were supposed to be manning a customer service line that had no clue what I was saying, I could not understand anything they said unless I sat in complete silence and from that all I could gather was they did not grasp basic customer service. Oh and had to pay $40.00 more dollars I am supposedly going to to get back. No one should have to pay more and spend 5 hours on the phone to get what they ordered. Oh and never not once was I offered a discount of any kind for the massive day long project of dealing with them. Frankly I feel like I had to work for them and do their job for the day so really I should of been paid.

This company is a total nightmare I have no confidence what does show up will be the proper computer and not once in the entire time I worked with them did I feel at all like my being a customer was appreciated. My advice is avoid this blight on the computer industry at all cost. Down below is the only proper thing they sent the new monitor. I included a photo of it was a gift my friend Barbara sent me. I think it represents my view of them nicely. I took a photo of it with my shop on the page because I wanted to show how they like to screw people over and in this case my little company. Get bent HP you will never get my business again.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Steps to Sweden and goals and monsters

Today I am just doing my update on what I have done towards my goals. This year the big goal is to send the shops over the top into the big time. So Promo boxes of penises are mailed out waiting to see if we will be getting carried in major shops. We finally got a new computer which is great as this one shuts off of its own accord often as frequent as every 5 minutes which can make listing my items and responding to emails pretty tough.

The baby steps towards Sweden are that we are learning the language and that the husband is looking into extra certifications to make job hunting easier. Today I made a tiny deposit in our Moving to Sweden fund and it felt great. Sure it is a long way off but how else but baby steps do you do a large project.

In other goals I have been being all healthy well more healthy god help me tomorrow I am back off the coffee. Flatly and with all the devotion in the world I have promised myself I will reach my goals or go out trying. I hope you are having a good weekend



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good China and to many vaginas

That is one of my newest works she sold yesterday but I wanted to share her because she makes me smile. So my lesson over the last few weeks seems to be Hey stop treating yourself like a bit of shit on your own fucking shoe.

Last week I pitched the chipped crack and such dishes and pulled out the good china. As it turns out there is no better time than now to enjoy it because you know life is short and shit. Well this week I have greatly enjoyed looking at my pretty dishes eating out of things that matched and just the general continuity. It has actually made me realize just treating myself a little better would make life much nicer. So I am using up every candle, bubble bath and such I can get my little hands on. I hope you are doing the same for yourself.

Now the multitudes of vagina's. So here is the thing. A couple of days ago on Regretsy was a post of a item made with someones menstrual blood. Those things never cease to amaze me. I would love to see inside a brain at what point paint just won't do and you need bodily fluids. Any how then my friend mentioned she knows the artist which cracked me up even more. End result I had to do a painting and came across another persons blog all about how awesome Red Tent yoga and yoni paintings were. Seeing a photo of them all holding up there snatch prints and smiling like idiots I felt the urge to make fun of them all but then I realized there are just to many vagina's to make fun of them all.



Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take Care Of You

So the photo above is just a little collection of my created weirdos. I am sharing it because I love making them and I hope you enjoy seeing them. My focus today is to share as I told you in the beginning of the year I have lots of goals. One of them is to take better care of myself. I do mean exercise and better food but I also mean just showing myself a little of the love I show all my family from the pets on up. So this is what I have done just for me this week. I hope you have done something just for you as well and please feel free to share it right here.

This week for the first time in a age I bought myself some face lotion. I am not sure why or when but at some point I stopped buying it because you know 5 bucks for my face was just to much. I thought the other day you know I would like to lotion my face so at 40 I do not look 50 why not indulge in a basic lotion. I am enjoying it and already convinced my skin looks better.

Then I got out the good dishes. I live with a family of pets and my husband. If we can not use the good dishes now before we have kids running around when exactly the fuck will be the time for the good dishes. I like them they are pretty and smaller which is good for healthy eating. I also like the fact they are not as mix and match as our standard hobo cabinet. So today I happily ate my cheerios from a pretty bowl.



Saturday, February 11, 2012

Huge Sale and New Focus

Why is the Millennium Falcon parked on top of a crapper I have no idea I just know the idea came from a friend and me laughing about a Chewbacca ornament I made.

So this year I am really trying to focus on streamlining my business. Long ago I thought that having separate shops for each of my horrid crafting loves was a great idea. No I realize I am fat and old and to tired for all this typing shit while trying to make little clay penises. So I am shutting down my sewn shop. Of course I will sew shit and put it in my main shop from time to time but I am just tired of having it hidden off in a shop I barely promote. So here is the deal.

This weekend only use coupon code 50OFFWEEKEND and get 50% off any purchase from my sewing shop linked here I will close it down Monday to just vacation mode then when any sales are received I will shoot the poor thing and put it out of its misery.



Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Forget To Open Your Heart

So this is just a post about some experiences I have had recently. I found myself feeling pretty down lately just the winter blues I guess but as I have mentioned over the last few years sometimes I go through long bouts of times when I do not just dream but I have rampant bloody nightmares they are very real and very violent and it makes me not only wake up but avoid sleep sometimes. That can lead to a very cranky tired me.

The last couple of weeks I have tried really hard to remember that in my view if you try to do good and that does not just mean giving money but to actually help when you least feel like it good things tend to come back to you. First I volunteered to donate some time just a few hours a week to a place we owe a great deal of thanks to. That afternoon we got a free lunch and I got a special custom order.

A few days later I sent out my Valentines. I send them to as many folks as I can swing instead of Christmas cards just to let them know I am thinking of them. Well then I got a message from someone I do not hear from very often saying hey thanks for the card. Oh by the way this person is looking for a custom work and I thought of you. See the bird flipping fella above.

Then yesterday I had a chance to help a friend a little. We do not have much but I was able to send just a little to help a friend who is at the moment in not the best state. I did it closed the page and directly turned around to find I had another sale. The lady who made the purchase is someone I chat with on my fan page and really think she is sweet.

When ever you can try to open your heart it really does bring good back to you. This is not about God or anything believe whatever you like but try to show a little kindness when you can it makes life a little sweeter.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gratitude Morning Post

Hey all as you know I love to just do post about being grateful for what you have in your life from time to time. For me it is a way of keeping balance and I share it because to me I hope it makes someone smile or they think about what they are grateful for.

First I am most grateful for the a awesome new doctor for the husband. We got him into a kidney specialist who did several things we have never managed to get a doctor to do in the last year and a half this thing has been going on.

He walked in and sat down with us. There was no cell phone he asked questions and actually gave us time to answer I would say a good non rushed hour of medical history. He then presented his plan asked us for questions and gave me the feeling he would be on top of this. Then knowing we do not have insurance and have to get most of the husbands test done via a charity program. He told us to never miss a appointment with him if we were short of funds for the visit. He said just tell me and I will waive it.

I think it was that point my mouth dropped open like I had had a seizure. Every other doctors office we have been to has had up a sign saying please reschedule if you cannot pay in full for your visit now. They even pressure you to pay prior to actually seeing the doctor. Now we can afford the visit cost they are really reasonable but it is nice to know that if it came down to it he would still take care of my husband. It also may have softened my heart a little towards humanity in general.

The second thing I am grateful for are my friends. I love to make goofy valentines and send them out to the people I love. This year I had to stop myself at 100 because that was all my budget could handle. Having to many folks to send some love is a good feeling.

The third thing is my sister. I have told her recently that in the next 2-3 years the husband and myself have grand designs of moving ourselves to Sweden. We picked a very temperate strangely enough area in southern Sweden and we really just want a big adventure change and thought hey why not. Well my sister who of course does not want us to go in a way called me up last night and said hey why don't I come out and help you streamline your stuff. The reason she suggested that is I told her I want to start decrapifying the house now. I do not want it to be 6months till we move and I look around and go holy shit we have to sell all this. The fact she is trying to be supportive means the world.

Fourth that my old fat dog seems to be perking up for a few days she was scaring me. We lost her sister about 6 months ago and I think it would break my heart if she went that soon there after.

So what are you grateful for?

Love Cappy

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Work love and nutsack

This is been one of those weeks that only half way through according to the calender feels as if cracked out bitches have you down in the street and are taking turns seeing if jumping on your ribs and making them crack will eventually provide change or candy. That is right the high bitches think you are a pinata and all you can do is lay there thanks the bastard that gave them the bad meth in your head.

Work is going pretty well sales are decent, I have plenty of ideas and I am not dicking around to much so shit is getting made. Well some shit like the cute little kitty up there. If you would like to see my other clay work go to to check it out.

Then there is the love part. The husband is fantastic to be honest. He is comical enough to laugh at the crazy things I make but honest enough to tell me what he thinks. That little clay dog in progress up there I showed it to the husband the other day and he said to me. Hey why did you make a little dog with a nutsack body. Just earlier this week he told me I had painted a random portrait to look like the Regretsy lady. So you know he has been full of charm.

I responded with what are you talking about a nutsack.

This is when the husband pointed to his satchel and said you know a ball sack a nut sack the dog has a giant nutsack for a body. If you do not believe me go look at it.

So I walked in and instantly my little cute dog looked to have a nutsack body. While I do laugh and think I may now have to make him a little tag or food dish that says Nutsack it would be nice if just once I managed to make something normal. You know besides meatloaf.

Then I thought hey crying around bastard you have done pretty well for yourself making crazy shit. Just shut up and enjoy it. That mood was not to last to long as I tossed myself down half a flight of stairs and stabbed myself with a sewing needle. Both by accident only real damage was to my pride but it made me pissy so I thought I would come share my lament here.

Feel free to bring in and dust off your bitches right here.