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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bacon and Pregnant trolls

This painting above just makes me laugh so I thought why not bring that to you all. The last week has been busy here we are starting are festive run which includes 3 birthdays 1 anniversary and is closed with Fathers day. This is the time of year for cake in our world. Any how the first celebration is later this week and I am actually looking forward to kicking off the celebration.

Now about this bacon. I did a little painting of bacon and eggs dancing and it was sold with in a few minutes and I have request for more. Now yes I know we all love bacon but I find it so curious how such things move us. Is it what it makes us think of in the way of memories , just a love of bacon, or something else. While yes my little painting was cute I do not think it was life altering enough to bring about such a strong reaction from people.

Here is the question I think I am posing. For me when I smell or see bacon for just a minute I think of summer vacation getting up watching the Smurfs and sitting on the floor with my breakfast in my lap. What do you think of.

Any how a beautiful day here so I am going to paint and make some time to hang out in the sun.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I am stuck to my goals like a prostitute to a rich john.

So as the spring is now here and busting out like it had to many drinks on holiday I am really finding my desire to follow my goals strengthened. First I am working like a demon on our home. Grass, gardens, hell today I was out there cutting out little trees. I am sewing new curtains, might even try making a rug who the hell knows.

The outside work is really making me feel positive about trying to get healthy. This year I have already signed up to be part of several shows and such. I am hoping to really keep working in all directions.

The lunch box all done up above is my entry in one group project.

So with this lovely spring upon us what is your view of the spring to come.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Featured Shop Meet Canadian Maggie

Do you need some gorgeous star clips

A fantastic viking penis. Yes be jealous this was made just for me. This is also just the back. I love it and carry it around. I am suggestion she make more of these as customs. Lets face it who does not need a giant gorgeous crochet penis.

This is the front and he even has a hair wad under there.

This is one of her fun hats on her lovely self. I just love her personality and how it comes across in what she makes.

Then there is this which is also just adorable. Perfect for those not in need of a giant penis. Either way I suggest you check her out. Her work is top notch me and Thor the viking penis can vouch for that.

So this is just the neatest lady with some of the cutest stuff for kids and adults. I hope you all take the time to check her out.

Thanks so much


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gratitude Day and goals

I am using this painting because it makes me laugh. Laughing in my world is very important. So the week has been a long one I am ready for Friday and a break. The ups and downs of wholesale penis activities and so on. Well screw all that sure I am down a bit but that is when I know it is time to put on some oldies and think about what I am really grateful for.

1. I am truly grateful that the husband while they are not sure why he has high blood pressure the same as 95% of people with it. They have pretty much tested him out of having any horrible disease. A forced healthier permanent lifestyle is not the worst thing in the world.

2. I am grateful for my friends one of my friends sent me a giant penis viking she crocheted for me. I love it. As soon as I ask her I may feature it and her shop here. She made it with love and it came at the perfect time to keep me smiling.

3. I am grateful for my family as nutty as they are they have been calling every few days to see if we had any responses about how the husbands test results were.

4. For secrets I have a few right now that are making me feel a little proud and a little happy. That feeling of private silent glee is fun.

5. I am grateful it is spring and I can start planting and growing all the things. They make me really happy.

So what are you grateful for.



Monday, March 12, 2012

Some times it just wont fly

Right now I am working away on my shops. I have made some progress and have had to just let some things go.

First for the things that just wont fly. I had hopes of getting my little clay penis pendants out into the world via a large party supply company or something of that nature. Well I made little promo packages put my heart into it and sent them out. Two weeks later I got nothing. The only place that contacted me wanted me to do wholesale for less than 50% of retail and that was not going to happen. Sure it sucks as it stands now I suspect that effort will go no place. What I need to remember is sometimes shit just wont fly and that was good for me in several ways. First I followed through and did everything I could to try to expand that end of my business. Nope it sure did not work but now I can let that hope go. Sure I will keep them in my shop and have fun with it but I can now focus that attention on other areas of my work to see what will fly. Don't let a small failure crash you just accept it learn from it and scratch that off your list and move on. Well that is at least how it works for me.

Now on to what will fly. I have been having pretty good luck selling my illustrations which makes me very happy as in a way they are more natural to me than painting. I have made progress is making my business more well rounded as I now have a Wepay shop and can take payments there without Paypal. I have added it here on the blog. I would love to sell more off of Etsy. My little village is coming along pretty slow but that was never a worry. So here in my world that is whats what.

Hows your day


Thursday, March 8, 2012

HP Resolution

I used the photo above because being stuck like chum in the middle of a bunch of sharks seems like a good representation of how my time dealing with HP went. There was of course a couple of very nice people but even when I got to the top of the bitching ladder a lady named Lisa and her assistant Ben I was not impressed. After the 5hrs on the phone the first time and the 2-3 hrs of online bitching, and maybe another hour on the phone with Lisa from two conversations we finally got it solved. Now granted I talked to her last week with the impression she would call me back and I still had not heard from her until yesterday and two calls back to here. But I do believe she was trying or at least just trying to figure out what the fuck to do with me.

I had told her the biggest thing I wanted was a apology and answers as to why I had to be charged more and why I had to go through 5hrs to do something that should of been pretty simple. Well after a week she told me she was intending on calling me but had not gotten any response from higher up yet. Pretty much she was not sure and they were not sure and something about this being used as a learning experience in the company. I said fine I would love to know what comes out of it and she said she was not sure they would be able to tell me but she would if she can. Then I said well I would like a discount for the hours of crap I had to endure. So she offered me a 10% discount. I most likely could of bitched for more but between the cost of expedited shipping for this new computer which I am typing on and does seem really great so far and the 10% back they payed me a good deal over minimum wage for all the crap I had to do to get a fair shake.

Way back I had said if I had to work for them I felt I should be paid. Now I have been. Most likely I will never go back to them again but I feel like the people who had a full scope of the rules and what not did at the least try to help so for me the issue is resolved. Thanks to all of you who shared my blog, commented, and being general wonderful folks.



Saturday, March 3, 2012

HP update

Hey all I have been sick so I am not on top of it. Monday I am going to talk to them and I will let you all know what gives. Thanks so much for the support.