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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goats, coats, and gratitude

So this has been a busy week for me.  The goats you see above are my most recent painting.  I have had a lot of friends getting married and that some how translated to this. 
The coats business is just that is is so fucking hot it is killing my garden along with everyone elses and I am ready for rain or autumn.  I miss coats and cool and the quiet of the house without a air conditioner running. 
So one of my Friends reminded me today how judgement people can be and to be honest I got so irritated I thought of how I would love to punch several folks in the throat.  Then it came to me that I might do better to make a gratitude list and say fuck them while I try to put a little good in myself and positive mojo out in the world.
Here is my gratitude list for this last week.
1.  I am glad I got a kick in the caboose of sorts it is making me try harder.  The kick may have been unpleasant but hit had a good effect.
2.  That the old chubby dog seems to be a little more chipper.  I love when she comes and sits with her head on me for a tv show or a brushing.
3.  My first mater came in the garden.  No it did not jizz all over the other veggies but it turned bright red so I am delighted. 
4.  My husbands doing so much better it is not constantly on my mind that he is sick.
5.  Enjoying a new bottle of Mr.Bubbles.  Don't judge me I like the little bubble guy.
6.  hair color wispy fly away gray hairs and not loved.
7.  Sleeping in oh sweet baby Jesus do I love to sleep in when I get the chance.
8.  My friends they have huge hearts and I got to see how that effects others this week.
And that is enough for now. 
So what are you grateful for?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bulls and China

The above work is one of my new mini clay creations a bull with a china hutch.  I feel like this a little right now in my world and it is cute so why not share. 
So fairly often I come on here and talk about my goals.  Some I have been making steady progress on and some wander off into oblivion and then I remember they exist three years later.
This week I finished the first round of editing a novel.  It will need some more polishing and some cover art but then I may take the march on over to Amazon and see if I can get it up on there.  I don't care if it sells three copies just so long as I finished it and got it out of my system. 
As time goes on I realize it really does just seem like life is a fight to get as much done as you can and that is fine I am up for that.  Granted I may break a few things in the process but hell they would of been dropped by accident anyway.
So what is shaking with you world?