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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Good the bad and the ugly of crafting

This post is just for the sake of laughter.  It is three crafts I have done for myself in the last month or so and the wide spectrum of fuckery is nicely displayed.  The above is the good I made a little tree skirt out of that squirrel fabric and it came out just perfect.  I love it and the edging is made from a very special fabric to me.
This is the bad it started out a rag rug and turned into a wad.  Currently the dog is using it as a new bed.  She seems to love it so you know silver linings and shit they happen.   
This is the ugly it was in fairness meant to be ugly.  I needed a catch all for my scrap paper down in the art cave so I dug in the box of shit I never used but always meant to and found all of this stuff.  The box itself is made from a old CD holder.  I hope this makes you laugh and reminds everyone to never take their crafting efforts to serious.