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Saturday, January 26, 2013

It has been a hell of a good week

So this week has been a ball.  First I got featured on Buzz feed for my Jazz Up Your Crap line.  This is the article if you would like to see. then wrote the lady a little twitter thanks who did the nice article and she seemed quite awesome.  Is also gave me some ungodly views and a burst of sale. So what could be better well then this nice lady picked up the story and she called me Cheeky which I kind of liked.  So life cannot get any better right two folks liked my work and while I love my penises it was really nice to hear something about my other work on the net. 
Well life got even cooler my local paper which I love and read all the time called me up and asked to do a story on me.  As soon as it is up I will link it.
Then this happened I got onto what seems to be a fairly good sized blog or website In Hungary.  They don't like me and that is just fine by me everyone has their own taste.  What it also did was provide me with some comedy as let everyone know I am kind of a dick.  Also can anyone tell me what the hell Megovorsolom is?  Here is the article for that.  Well my job is done for the week. 

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