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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black stars and big dreaming

The ornaments you see above are from my latest series.  This time it was black star ornaments.  I had these sad little ornaments that were supposed to look like cookies and they just needed a whole new kind of life so I made them little goth ornaments.  It makes me happy and hey were else can you find a ornament with fangs.  If you would like to see them they are in the shop.

Then you have this other picture.  This is not for my shop this is just for me.  Since I was a little kid I have been making up these crazy fashion images.  My mother did it for fun and taught me so much like when I was 6 I sit around doing this listening to groups like The four tops and the Eldorados.  That is my time to dream.  Right now I am dreaming of our goal to move to Sweden.  We would love to settle there and maybe stay.  We looked over all of Europe and the climate and politics seem agreeable and it would give us the chance we always dreamed of to see Europe.  It would be a great base from which we could travel and see all the wonderful places and art.  For me I am one of those people who has to do something towards my dreams.  I wanted to sell my art so I made a shop.  That is just me so we are saving and learning Swedish at the moment.  My small goal towards this for the day is to work on doing some sprucing up of the house to get it ready to be sold.  Hope you are all following your dreams as well.

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