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Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Things

 This blog post is all about little things.  First I added the picture of my sleeping kitty because she is a little thing.  So when I say little things I mean art but also something else.  This year I am really working on making my life reflect more of what I want it to.  So in that I am trying to be good to myself by doing little things.  It may sound a bit selfish but  think we are all due a little selfish from time to time.  Today I skipped breakfast because I got busy with a project so by 11 I was starving.  Instead of doing what I would usually do which would be starve or make something sad like a can of soup on a hurry I treated myself.  Made a piping hot cup of tea, couple of slices of Italian break with Gorgonzola on it and a couple of little chocolate covered graham crackers and two strawberries all sliced up.  I put it on the fancy plates with a little tray and it beat the hell out of a can of soup.  So today I did a little thing for myself.  I hope you all do the same. 
This is another little thing a little sculpture it is called The Mourning Tree.  It is my interpretation of what mourning would look like as a plant.  Here is a link if you would like to see the details.
 then the last thing is another tiny thing a doll house sized hutch filled with mojo items.  I hope this all makes you smile and that you find a way to do some little nice thing for yourself.

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