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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pleasing yourself and monster plants

This has been a weird week for me a bit back I was featured all over town but then this week the main shop has slowed down greatly.  If not for custom work I would of been dead in the way of business.  I took this time to please myself a little.  Hey no not talking about masturbation lets save that for the penis blog.  I actually am talking about making this series of little potted monster plants you see above.  I love them and slowly over the weekend hope to get them all listed.  They were just about pleasing me I did not go for the easy famous monsters I just made exactly what my little heart desired.  I doubt that will translate into them all selling but I bet one or two will speak to someone. 

So now you are asking why does she have up a crummy little photo of her decaf that is right I only get decaf and maybe once every month or so.  Well here is why I sometimes you just need to use the pretty stuff.  I was tired of our old mismatched plates so I put the decent ones in a box for a local pet charity and the bad ones went in the trash.  I then promptly pulled out the good china and replaced the whole damn lot.  It makes me happy every time I see it.  That is what I call pleasing myself. 
Hope you do something good for yourself as well.

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