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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow, drool and more snowy shit

So this morning started off with a little snow but lots of ice.  I know some of you see ice as just a thing and go right on about your day.  Well here in the Midwest that shit stops us in our tracks.  When you live midway up a hill it makes getting in and out of your driveway a bitch as well. 
Later today my little kitty you see got petted to the point she was drooling.  I love her even though as you see she has scratched up the top of my cabinets.  Still kitty drool got to love it.  Spent my day creating and getting ready to do another round of it into the evening. 
Then we have more snow shit.  There should be a road under there but you know we are not to priority for a fucking plow.  Any how enjoy your day I need adult beverage added hot chocolate. 

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