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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Long Cold weekend but lots of good things.

 This weekend started with a few custom orders one of which was for a grumpy cat pendant.  I like the idea so much I made more. these are listed in my shop now you know how to find it if you want to.  I love grumpy cat and the general all no response.  I hope this makes you smile.
This is one of my newest works Monster Ball.  I love creating these things with paper mache clay.  This one is also up in the shop.  There is something very freeing about making whatever your heart desires.  I may not sell as much as I would like but more and more I love what I create so that settles it in my brain.

This last photo is of my backyard.  Yeah fuck you too spring.  In any case I hope this made you all laugh or maybe ooh and ahh.  As always you can find these items in my Etsy shop.


  1. Hasn't this been a cold Spring so far? We didn't see as much snow here as in your picture. But the NW wind really made it feel bitterly cold.

    Your Monster Ball looks like it was a lot of fun too make - cool paint job!

    1. Yeah it has our winter never really got started till the last month or two. I can take a little snow but that wind oh boy when I lived in Chicago I remember that wind. It can be vicious. Thank you about my monster ball. So whats shaking with you?