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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Artist Soul Known as Sara Lynch

 So every blue moon I like to bring you all some kind of fantastic artist or crafter.  This time I am bringing you Sara Lynch.  She creates in most every medium you can think of.  These are a few of my favorites.  The above is her Capybara planter.  It has a warmth and style you just don't find all over the place. 
The reason I call her an artist soul is this.  Having the privilege of following her work and even owning a pair of salt and pepper shakers I have gotten to hear of many many hours spent creating.  She lives her life in a way I feel feed and breeds creativity.  Just having a little bit of her work around helps to do the same from my view. Here Jewelry is all kinds of fun and unique.  These scream spring to me. 

Then when I see her paintings and the details and life I am always left just amazed.  This one looks almost like it has fire running in it.  When you can go from that to Grumpy cat there is just nothing better.  So here is my suggestion if you want something really crafted by one of those folks who devotes their life to make and creating beautiful things try one of her shops.

No I was not paid to say this I just love to share fellow artisans who inspire me.  You can find Sara in her shops on Etsy. and
and her own personal website

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