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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Bunny Sighting and lots of new things.

 So last week was great in way of inspiration.  Matter of fact I had so much I forgot to come over and post or do much else.  The little doll you see is named Olive.  I call her that because her base is made from an old olive jar.  Her head I shaped and used a decorative egg for her giant eye.  I love her.  If you would like to see more of her go here.
 Then I had the desire to do one of my floral works.  I call them my old flower lady paintings.  Well the first one sold and then two more.  This is my favorite so I am sharing it here.  I thought when making the first one no one is going to want a flowers in black and white painting.  Proof again you should always try to create whatever strikes ya.  The originals are all gone but I am selling prints.  They are here .
This last photo is just for fun.  Old chubby dog is awesome and I love her but unless it is a treat she wants to eat she is oblivious to everything.  This photo shows it.  That rabbit often sits closer to her and she never sees it.  yet you can drop a meaty bone at 50 paces and she eagle eyes that bitch.  I hope this all make you laugh and smile. 

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