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Monday, April 29, 2013

Gratitude list because I am feeling grateful so fuck it.

So it was a really great weekend here in my little world.  Started off with a couple of sales.  This last week has been full of a lot of good things so today I am doing a gratitude list.  First I am grateful for my family my husband is not perfect no one is but he has a really good heart and I feel lucky to have such a person around all the time.
Second thing is all the crazy dreams I always create better when the crazy dreams are running full steam. 
The third thing is this warm sunny day that I get to muck in the garden.  It makes everything feel easier when you get that quiet time. 
Fourth that my old chubby dog is eating better and looks to be over whatever was making her sick.  My pets are pretty much my fur kids.
Fifth thing is simple for quiet I love to have music and stuff when painting but sometimes that quiet meditation really does just feel like home.
So what are you all grateful for.
ps.  The image above is of my newest Crazy old cat lady she sold before I ever got to list her but I thought why not share. 

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