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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liberating that is what I call it.

So I share a lot on here about my own crazy little life but rarely do I ever sit and think about my life as the artist life or any such thing because you know who has time for that kind of self gratifying bullshit.  This is more about being a creator.  I create a lot of work the word prolific gets thrown around about my creations often.  I like it because it means people are noticing that I make a lot of things they are not just unaffected by it.  It is however also a nice way to say your shit multiplies like bunnies.  That would be a very true statement.
I don't restrict myself on how much I make and whether I think it will sell or tank if I feel compelled to make it I just go with it.  However this also has left me with a over abundance of older works.  I have been doing little mini auctions on my fan page of the older works and the ones that don't move are getting painted over.  This picture is one of those. 
What I can say by looking at this is I was not near as happy with the old image and I love this one.  So that moment of destructing the old work painting over it and then creating something new was sure a little hard.  Lots of work had gone into the first image.  But after seeing how much more pride and happiness I feel seeing my new work in its place I want to highly recommend just from time to time destructing one of your old creations and making something new.  I found it to be very liberating as an artist. 
Well that is all the deep bullshit I can stand for one day.
ps.  If you would like to purchase this painting it is available here.

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