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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Irish Swiss Cheese and I seem to be fucking Cinderella over here

So this week has been a great week I am gearing up for a little vacation which sounds like the best thing ever right now.  I have been making a list of little things I want  time for and everything. 
However that never distracts me from the mysteries of life. 
First is the Irish Swiss Cheese.  Yesterday I went to make lunch and saw my Swiss cheese said Irish Swiss cheese.  So after several questions like does my cheese have booze in it which if it did would only entice me to eat more and things like when the hell did the Swiss and the Irish say hey lets make cheese together I called my local deli.  They had no clue and thought I was punking them.  After some friends and myself investigated this on the Internet it seems it is just Swiss cheese made in Ireland. 
What the fuck is that calling it Irish that tells you nothing about it.  It is not like the whole damn place is one rolling meadow.  I get calling a cheese by its region so the fancy pants cheese people can tell what it should taste like but it is a whole country wtf.    So any way lets move past the cheese shall we.
This last week I have been getting banished from my yard by robin parents who are scared to death for their little young.  Then I had to do a bunny rescue and now the bunny is half assed following me around.  When exactly did I turn into Cinderella with woodland fucking creatures hanging out with me.  If they keep this shit up I am demanding a dress. 
Well I won't be back for about a week or so but wanted to come say I love you all and hope you have a good week.  Oh and if you like the painting above it is available here.

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