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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lost Electricity and other exciting things

It has been a really long but fun week.  First did some gardening this was the top of a carrot cut off and replanted.  i don't think I will get carrots but I do get a little green plant for my kitties. 

Then we had my sisters birthday and I think this about sums it up. 

Finished this up and got it listed.  I love the post impressionist style and think this is my version of that.  Then last night we got hit by big storms.  We lost our power for about 10hrs of heat and humidity.  This was a photo of the cat starting at the wall candle.  I don't know why it is glowing like the fucking sun it was not doing that in real life.   Hope you all had a great week off to scoop some instant coffee straight into my mouth


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