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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Penis painting and Cats gone viral yes this is my life.

  So it has been a really good few weeks pretty busy and lots of fun.  Finally we have some decent temps have planting to do and killed my first spider of the spring so you know shits happening.    Well the penis painting above was inspired by a little story.  My friend suggested repeatedly oh you must read 50 shades of grey.  No I had heard tale it was annoying but I said OK I will give the synopsis a go.  Sure enough it made me want to vomit  so I felt tired.  Feeling tired I painted that  penis which is inspired by that story.  Here is a link if you would like to own that old grey penis.
So on to happier things as of late I have been painting super happy girly girls.  This is one of them.  Really more than anything I think I just want her dress.  So I thought I would share her here. 

Then here is my weekly dose of self humility.  I have worked for 5 years cultivating a online presence for my art.  This fucking cat of mine got more views than any art post I ever did on FB.  That of course sent me into huge laughter at how funny and kind of awesome it was.  I hope it makes you laugh too. 
Have a good week people.

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