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Monday, June 3, 2013

I am back from vacation with way to many photos of gardening in my yard

 I am a gardening nut I love it and I think it helps keep me from just walking around punching stranger so  really try to make my yard my own.  This is a little wild strawberry.  I found a few and moved them to one area I think by next year I will have a decent little patch of them.  Now to find out if they are worth a damn to eat to anyone but our resident bunny.
This is part of a project that I am building three walls to almost enclose a whole area in the back yard to put a little table or bench for relaxing or meditation.  It is coming along great most of that was trained up a chicken wire fence.  It has sparrows and finches just thick. 

This is my newest rose plant it is a bright pink tea rose plant and it is coming along very nicely.  If it goes well later in the year I may take a couple of cuttings to try and get new starts to put in other spots near the fence. 

This is my mystery plant.  I remember planting something there just playing hell remembering what it was.  I think it may be some black eyed susans or painted daisies we shall see.
Hope you have enjoyed your time in the garden.

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