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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Featured Artist Kenney Mencher

So I don't do to many features on here because usually I am dicking around to much but when I was introduced to Kenney and his work I had to.  I first found Kenny and his work when my friend Lana bought one of his works and showed me.  He has an amazing way of catching the expressions of people that I admire.  His play with light and shadow flips my socks to be frank.
Then one day I found out he was having a special and I nabbed the portrait of the woman you see in the photo below.  He sent me a small arty of little postcards and cool snippets all seen here.  I love his work and intend to put that woman up in my living room over near the spot where I like to write because she has a certain look of thoughtful kindness to her I want to see often.  So in closing I think he is great and if you would like some very haunting and interesting art check him out.  Here is a link to his Etsy shop.  Seriously if I had the bucks I would own half that mans shop.

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