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Monday, August 19, 2013

Recharging over the weekend and making quilts with kitties.

 First I made a to do list.  Then she rolled around on it and attacked my pin.  Then I said fuck the list it is my weekend and I am relaxing.  Then there was some petting and cuddles.  That is the point me and kitty started relaxing. 
 Then I arranged some of my favorite linens on the door for a change.  The one on the far left is actually three doilies sewn together and I love it.  The one in the center is one I doctored with sharpies and rubbing alcohol.  Then the last one I have no idea where I got it but it is so pretty I put it out.  We always keep that door open and it is nice to have something different to look at.
That brings us to my quilting I pretty much just quilt for me and this is part of my childish quilt.  I made about 10 quilt blocks of these two fabrics and cannot wait to start putting it all together.  So that was my weekend along with cheese sticks, sleeping and soaking up the sun. 

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