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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things I have learned this week

 First I put up a couple of photos to show you what I am working on right now.  The painting above already has a new home but I learned this week people love trees made of hair. 
This lower painting is part of a larger work in progress.  It has been a week full of little lessons so I thought I would share them here.
1. A meditation stone makes a fine weapon.
2.  I will never have a beverage with a straw the cats do not try to attack.
3.  That my level of bullshit acceptance goes down with every day of age.
4.  less sugar in bread.
5.  Someone in Japan looked at my dick.  Granted my art dick in my art shop but still it makes me laugh.
6.  You can write anything and if you make it a list people find comfort in it.

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