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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vladimir Putin and my Unicorn Butt Plug

So this has been a good week in general life has been good and no one died.  Well then this morning I find my Unicorn butt plug listed in a list of sex toys to give Putin as a way to enrage him for being such a huge dick to gay people not just in his own country but any who may visit from others.  It is my view we all should have equal proper rights to be with and marry or sleep with or cut out ginger bread cookies with whomever the hell we choose without having to hear one damn word about it.  So while I am sure there are many lovely Russian people out there and I would welcome a chance to visit with you Vlad you can go fuck yourself.  So any how here is a link to that story if you would like to see.
The image above is of my other butt plug I still have available.  Please read carefully if you want it this is a artistic interpretation meant to touch on the humor found in the variety of butt plugs out there not meant to be used.  So enjoy your day I am enjoying mine. 
ps.  Both the above butt plug and doll house sized sex cabinet are available in my shop. 

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