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Saturday, September 14, 2013

It has been a real hard week but great for being an artist

 So this week these people found my shop.  I have an item called Vagina Dentata  and it seems they took umbrage with my support of every woman having the right to choose for herself.  It can be found in the article above with the puppy because clearly they did not understand my first image was not mature in any way. 
Well when they found that item the response was to suggest I am stupid because I have run on sentences.  Forget the fact that the writer herself has maybe the dullest lackluster style I have seen in many unfavorable reviews.  Of course this was not a real review this was more of a school girl gathering in which they call people at midnight and ask them if their refrigerator is running.   Here are a few of my favorite commentaries. 

Now Beverly wants us all to know her items are aesthetically pleasing.  So a quick search for Beverly revealed this. 
  So clearly she thinks it is OK to make aborted mermaid drag queens who have wiped their butts with their hand.  If you would like to see more late term aborted mermares or as another friend called it Scariel's here ya go.
Mean while over on the no matter what push out that babby board these folks also had some important things to say. 
Patty wants us all to know that hey if you make a art work about your political and ethical beliefs keep your fucking hands off the cute stuff no purple seal for you bitches.
Oh I would show you more from this part but it is all half assed bible verses because you know we all live by the same code.  Here is a link if you would like to check that out.
Then the final one my favorite is the argument known world wide as the I have no argument reference.  That is right folks you guessed it.  We are Nazi's. 
Now I also want to point out some really great friends and customers who saw this because I thought their outrage was hilarious and posted it on my own pages stood up for me and the other artist and most important the idea of the right to choose.  To those folks I am very grateful. 
Now just to be clear on a couple of things.  I am not pro abortion or pro death I am pro every woman making up her own mind what grows in her body and when and if she wants to terminate that it staying her option to select. 
There were all kinds of allegations on that page that we all must be trying to relieve guilt for abortions we had and various other assumptions.  I almost want to explain myself but nope I sure won't because it is not one bit their business. 
They can frankly go and get bent.  Any time your argument has to come down to name calling and pretty much slander you don't have a real argument.  Thanks to them I now have additional sales and notice and will be donating a small part of my profits in the last few days to a Pro choice or planned parenthood I have not decided which one yet. 
So just like Beverly I feel very inspired to make all kinds of art and who knows maybe some of mine will actually be aesthetically pleasing promoting a women's right to choose.

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  1. Cappy, you are a true original...keep doing what you do!