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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crazy cat ladies, Creepy Clowns and Giant tampon dolls it has been a full week

 So this is the time of year I fill the shop up with extra weird things and hope for lots of folks to find some absurd or pretty treasure to get a loved one.  I also enjoy that I get to make whatever the hell I want.  See the crazy cat lady above I love making them and when I get old that is my goal hell actually I am that right now except with hair dye and less pants suits and pearls. 
 The big creepy clown was inspired by using bits of fabric and paper like the tickets in a new way.  He is why I think of when I think clowns. 
These are just absurd because I love absurd and why not make more.  In a few days I will show you some projects I am doing just for me. 
Hope these gave you all a good laugh

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