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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Got to do something good

 So yesterday we the husband and myself drove this car full of stuff over to one of our local animal places.  It was a dozen pet beds I made with the great help of some friends who sent me flannels to make some of those beds.  Then the dog stuff that is all from my sweet girl who passed away a couple of weeks ago.  It is the things she had that she could not use anymore so we thought should be put to use helping other dogs that are still here.  Suffice it to say it was a bitter sweet trip doing good but missing my girl. 
Now just pulling up at the place you cannot help but smile it is nestled away in the woods and the minute you open the door you hear barking. 
This is the Granite City Animal Protection Agency.  They are no kill and while they are filled to the gills with dogs the place is well kept and clearly so are the animals.  I know this because I went in and said just to see when I might be ready I would like to meet some of their dogs while we were there. 
So when I asked they said sure come on in.  The young tiny woman who was working asked me what kind of dog I was looking for and started to lead me to the pups.  I said oh I am looking for an adult or maybe a senior who is good with cats and kids. 
Her eyes lit up and she introduced me to Peanut and Nikki.  Peanut is 12 and Nikki is 5 I think.  They were given up when their senior parent found it to hard to take care of them.  Peanut walked right up to me like we were best buds.  He clearly thought hey lets go home I am not supposed to be here.  So I spent some time with him and Nikki who was just adorable as well . 
Now I left them there because I don't want to make a rash decision and get a dog that might not be a good fit for us just because it reminds me of my old dog that passed and the shelter is a no kill but I will tell you this I am damn well thinking about it. 

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