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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Suck week but doing better

 First the suck my old beautiful sweetheart dog passed away this week.  She was 16 and loved and adored.  Her life was filled with warm snuggles, treats and play.  But this last week she very quickly went down hill so we had to put her to sleep to keep her from a very cruel prolonged death.  Of course my heart is broken and I will never forget my Old Chubby Dog but I am trying to get back into work because laying on the couch sobbing and holding her blanket is not really helpful to the healing process after three days.  So good bye to my sweet girl.

Now this is a much more cheerful and comical thing.  I have made three of these total two were custom works this is my last most likely for the season genital Nativity.  I laugh when I see it and I do happen to believe in God but my God has a sense of humor so I think it might make God laugh to.   If you would like to see this in the shop it is here.
I will write more soon just still trying to get my spirits up. 

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