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Saturday, December 28, 2013

500 blog post a new year and new goals and a Happy New Year to you all

 This is going to be a fairly long post.  First because it is my 500th but I also have a lot I want to get in.  First the photo above is to remind me to spend time with all my fur kids lot of time as they get older.  These are my old babies about 12 now. 
 These are my new friends I love them already but most important to me is not that it is doing something good giving them a home with love and kindness and no worry they won't have food or love  or a warm place to play and snuggle.  They are for me heralds of the new year and time passing. 
 I am working on my art and expanding and growing it.  The coming year will be about finding a better way to secure the empire and make it something solid. 
Then there is this Old Chubby  Dog who I miss with all my heart most days.  She reminds me to love and live every moment.  She did and I will try and follow her example. 
I remember when I made my little art shop the big thing everyone was on about was make a blog make a blog.  So I did and by god I was found by Regretsy and April Winchell via this.  Which helped me build my base.  It amazes me to think 500 times I have shared my little life and that over the years it has gotten some 16 or 17 thousand views and people reading it.  Granted that is a tiny drop in the bucket but for me it is a lot and makes me proud to share my life with you guys.
Thanks for reading, responding or just looking at pretty pictures.

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