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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Some days you just need to paint a turd

I offer the above paintings as proof of that.  In my world I am always striving to make something new and creative and not just fall back on things I have done before.  So I use new colors try new techniques and try mixing things up. 
The trick I find is not to take it personal it is a craft a skill just because you made it does not make it beautiful.  If it comes out ass ugly as the two above did that is ok it lets you see what you need to work on. 
These were an effort to just get my juices flowing I went in with no set idea of what I was painting in my brain.  You can tell because they both look hobbled together. 
So this is my thing some days you just need to paint a turd and be ok with it.  Take it as prep work for a better creative effort in the future. 
Well I just thought I would share and I hope my terrible paintings made you laugh and maybe take things a bit less serious today. 

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