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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We adopted a couple of senior friends

I wanted to share part of why it has been so quiet is we are all settling in together over here.  Senior dogs often have a hard time finding a home.  Now I will say it is not perfect.  There is a little tension with the cats but as we had a dog who passed away that is quickly fading.  But they are good dogs who already know about potty training have basic manners and really needed a home.  Since they have been here our house is lit up with the warmth and happy of having them and them realizing this is home and home is warm and cozy. So if you are considering a dog get whatever you feel is right but please consider a senior too they are loving and kind dogs who really appreciate being home and come without the stress that comes with a puppy in many cases as they are already trained for a lot of things.  Hope you like the photos.

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