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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Huffington Post and gold penises life really is a bowl of cherries

So this has been just a outstanding week.  First my Jazz up your crap got featured on Buzzfeed.  It was also picked up by various other outlets and my excitement was just ridiculous.  I was even excited when it was picked up in Hungary.  It seems they think I am a bit of a dick but it was funny and I loved that the story made it that far. 
Then yesterday I could not believe my little shop made it on to Huffington Post.  Not only did I get on there but they liked me.  So today I am feverishly working on new things inspired by my recent luck. Here is a link to the article if you would like to see it. 
Now the little guy above is my newest penis is is a limited edition only four will be made of this set.  If you would like to see Gold Member in my shop here is a link.
So if you are here and reading this let me stop and say thanks.
Myself I am hoping not to sit around just enjoying this but get to work on my shop now that I have stopped dancing around tossing twizzler in the air.  Off to work I go and have a good day all.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It has been a hell of a good week

So this week has been a ball.  First I got featured on Buzz feed for my Jazz Up Your Crap line.  This is the article if you would like to see. then wrote the lady a little twitter thanks who did the nice article and she seemed quite awesome.  Is also gave me some ungodly views and a burst of sale. So what could be better well then this nice lady picked up the story and she called me Cheeky which I kind of liked.  So life cannot get any better right two folks liked my work and while I love my penises it was really nice to hear something about my other work on the net. 
Well life got even cooler my local paper which I love and read all the time called me up and asked to do a story on me.  As soon as it is up I will link it.
Then this happened I got onto what seems to be a fairly good sized blog or website In Hungary.  They don't like me and that is just fine by me everyone has their own taste.  What it also did was provide me with some comedy as let everyone know I am kind of a dick.  Also can anyone tell me what the hell Megovorsolom is?  Here is the article for that.  Well my job is done for the week. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Craft Monster

So my last post I showed you the unfinished version of this.  I wanted it to turn into a real creepy little craft monster.  Here it is.  This for me represents several things.  For one even craft supplies can be creepy.  The second thing is the mind never letting my things overwhelm me or get out of hand.  It is fine to have stuff but to always remember it is just stuff.  Any how I hope you enjoy your visit from Craft Monster.  If you would like to purchase him he is available here.
Love Cappy

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Followed my art into crazy world

This is a post about having fun with whatever you do.  For me I love to every blue moon just sit down with some clay and supplies and go to work.  What you see here is 5 different little monsters all unfinished and just waiting to be completed.  Some times you just have to see what crazy path your brain goes and for me this is it.  I will post some finished photos when these are all done.  What is your crazy blue moon follow your own path thing?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Favorite Treasure of the week

I am going to do a little post every couple of weeks about just a random favorite belonging.  It helps me to weed out what to keep and what needs to find a new home.  This week it is a aceo sized print that I put up in my bedroom for a artist I love.  It is a bunch of animals having nap time.  The colors and the theme worked great in my bedroom.  The room is also pretty small so little work has a big impact in there.  Any how if you would love to see her wonderful work just go here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year holy shit it is 2013

Well it has been a very quick year and this year that is coming looks to hold some good things.  I used the photo above because t is unclear what it behind the frosty window.  It could be good or bad but what you see has the most effect.  So I am going to say thank you to those of you who follow along with this blog and have helped with my shop.  Also thank you to all of you who make me laugh.  Now for the upcoming year one of my goals is to get healthier.  By healthier I don't mean a set size I just mean treating myself better and making a point to allow time for exercising.  Another thing is to give myself time to come here and post.  So look for more from me later and happy new year all.