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Monday, April 29, 2013

Gratitude list because I am feeling grateful so fuck it.

So it was a really great weekend here in my little world.  Started off with a couple of sales.  This last week has been full of a lot of good things so today I am doing a gratitude list.  First I am grateful for my family my husband is not perfect no one is but he has a really good heart and I feel lucky to have such a person around all the time.
Second thing is all the crazy dreams I always create better when the crazy dreams are running full steam. 
The third thing is this warm sunny day that I get to muck in the garden.  It makes everything feel easier when you get that quiet time. 
Fourth that my old chubby dog is eating better and looks to be over whatever was making her sick.  My pets are pretty much my fur kids.
Fifth thing is simple for quiet I love to have music and stuff when painting but sometimes that quiet meditation really does just feel like home.
So what are you all grateful for.
ps.  The image above is of my newest Crazy old cat lady she sold before I ever got to list her but I thought why not share. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tampons and Maxi pads all over the place

Been very busy the last week or so with a couple of custom works and just making and destructing old things.  This photo above is of my mini period plushies.  I hope they make you laugh I snorted a couple of times making them. 
There is something about making these that just lightens up my whole fucking week.  If you want one here is the link about 10 bucks gets you a plushy of your own including shipping local.
Beyond this I have been creating new paintings and working around but it is Thursday and I had a long night of crazy ass dreams so I will write something more interesting in the a.m. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liberating that is what I call it.

So I share a lot on here about my own crazy little life but rarely do I ever sit and think about my life as the artist life or any such thing because you know who has time for that kind of self gratifying bullshit.  This is more about being a creator.  I create a lot of work the word prolific gets thrown around about my creations often.  I like it because it means people are noticing that I make a lot of things they are not just unaffected by it.  It is however also a nice way to say your shit multiplies like bunnies.  That would be a very true statement.
I don't restrict myself on how much I make and whether I think it will sell or tank if I feel compelled to make it I just go with it.  However this also has left me with a over abundance of older works.  I have been doing little mini auctions on my fan page of the older works and the ones that don't move are getting painted over.  This picture is one of those. 
What I can say by looking at this is I was not near as happy with the old image and I love this one.  So that moment of destructing the old work painting over it and then creating something new was sure a little hard.  Lots of work had gone into the first image.  But after seeing how much more pride and happiness I feel seeing my new work in its place I want to highly recommend just from time to time destructing one of your old creations and making something new.  I found it to be very liberating as an artist. 
Well that is all the deep bullshit I can stand for one day.
ps.  If you would like to purchase this painting it is available here.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our anniversary and Star Trek trophy

 It has been a while since I posted over here.  It was not a goal.  First I got busy then my old dog got sick and I have been spending great amounts of time with her.  Well above you see my newest offering in the shop.  This is what happens when I get my hands on a old boring trophy.  I am sure some dead guy some place is pissed but hey that happens. 
The above photo is from my fan page on Facebook.  If you would like to follow along there here is a link. It is a post about my wedding anniversary.  It is today.  We have had a ball together so I love to share when it comes around for our friends to come laugh as well.  So this week has been lots of gardening but I promise to be better with my posting.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Bunny Sighting and lots of new things.

 So last week was great in way of inspiration.  Matter of fact I had so much I forgot to come over and post or do much else.  The little doll you see is named Olive.  I call her that because her base is made from an old olive jar.  Her head I shaped and used a decorative egg for her giant eye.  I love her.  If you would like to see more of her go here.
 Then I had the desire to do one of my floral works.  I call them my old flower lady paintings.  Well the first one sold and then two more.  This is my favorite so I am sharing it here.  I thought when making the first one no one is going to want a flowers in black and white painting.  Proof again you should always try to create whatever strikes ya.  The originals are all gone but I am selling prints.  They are here .
This last photo is just for fun.  Old chubby dog is awesome and I love her but unless it is a treat she wants to eat she is oblivious to everything.  This photo shows it.  That rabbit often sits closer to her and she never sees it.  yet you can drop a meaty bone at 50 paces and she eagle eyes that bitch.  I hope this all make you laugh and smile.