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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Featured Artist Kenney Mencher

So I don't do to many features on here because usually I am dicking around to much but when I was introduced to Kenney and his work I had to.  I first found Kenny and his work when my friend Lana bought one of his works and showed me.  He has an amazing way of catching the expressions of people that I admire.  His play with light and shadow flips my socks to be frank.
Then one day I found out he was having a special and I nabbed the portrait of the woman you see in the photo below.  He sent me a small arty of little postcards and cool snippets all seen here.  I love his work and intend to put that woman up in my living room over near the spot where I like to write because she has a certain look of thoughtful kindness to her I want to see often.  So in closing I think he is great and if you would like some very haunting and interesting art check him out.  Here is a link to his Etsy shop.  Seriously if I had the bucks I would own half that mans shop.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Giant snails and pissers in the pool

 This week has been an off week had a little flu still hanging on but I am getting stuff done.  This photo above is of a person peeing in the public poop and it reminds me of how I hate those people.
 Then I made this giant ass snail.  I have no idea why I just felt compelled and made her from scratch.  I even knitted her little flowers.  She is looking for a home and has free U.S. shipping.
Devils and penises these are constant themes. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How I spent the weekend

 Hi all I know it is Tuesday but I am just coming off one of the husbands days off so it feels like a Monday over here.  Sorry I have been terrible about writing here and hope to do more.  So I thought start with something easy.  I spent the weekend playing with photos as seen above.
 Then I spent a lot of time hanging out with old chubby dog.  She does not care about the work week she is retired now and spends her days napping and snuggling. 
The last thing I did was sew this wall hanging.  A lovely friend sent me a huge pile of her fabric scraps and this is what I did with them. 
How was your weekend.