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Sunday, January 26, 2014

I am a happy bastard and love

 So this has been a week of good creativity for me which is nice because despite the fact I am always working some times I am just not feeling it.  This week I did some prints I love seen above.  They are limited edition and I am already plotting more.
 This is an in progress of a painting.  It is done with fabrics to create texture and I am really happy with how it is coming along.  I saw this tree in a dream in which I was trying to kill a Wendigo with the husband, Antonio Banderas who by the way was trigger happy and Sam Elliott.  No I have no idea where that kind of bat shit gets in my brain.  Any way I love how it is coming along.
Then there is this it is but a tiny inkling of what came for me yesterday.  A friend just said hey Cappy she needs this giant box of stuff to reuse and give new life to.  I am in love with it a 22lb box of goodies showed up at my door because my friends are generous and sweet. 
Well off I go to make all the things.
I will have a little surprise this week to announce. 
Have a good easy Sunday

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