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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ice has made me her bitch

 So this is the story of the last few days.  It started with this this was the beginning.  It went up to something a bit over a foot of drifting snow in -30 degree wind chill.  So it has been special here. 
 The dogs had to go out so we made them coats.  They have also cleaned me out of hot chicken noodle soup. 
 Then for when we went to clean off the car which of course was fucking buried.  The husband said hey can you make me one of those horrible Regetsy balaclava mask.  Why sure husband let me whip out my imaginary fancy knitting skills.  What he got was part of a dying sweater I had him put on his head and then made black magic marker spots of the holes.  I then cut those out.  Now granted he would not wear this any place but our yard but it did keep his face alive so it was a win.  A ugly win but a win. 
 Woke up the next day and this was our kitchen window yep it is iced on the inside.  It was special.  I keep having to tell the cats no you cannot lick that. 
 This is the dining room window.  The good news is today it is going to reach twenty and warm up a bit so this shit should go. 
I think I have been in the house a bit to long this ice in my bathroom window looks a bit like tiny skulls piled on each other.  I think when we hit our high of twenty today I may go out and make some snow angels till I go blind.

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