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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Do it with love

So every year I try to do a few small things just because I want to share the love.  My belief is that the more you share it just because you want to the more comes back to you and that I can back up with a good deal of kindness and love from my friends.
Every year I do Valentines not just for me the the husband but for about 100 friends.  It is my version of Christmas cards but sent out when I think people are less likely to get some fun mail.  I make each card by hand well I draw each card by hand and mail them out every place from Australia and South Africa to Canada.
I do this because I want to let me friends know I am thinking of them and celebrate my love for them whoever they are.  I also do this for me it makes me really happy to think of each one and that bond you share whatever it is and use that to inspire the card.  The fact they are happy when they get the card makes me happy.  Every year I set myself a budget and go over a little.  Every year there are more people than the year before who I want to put on that list.  It is like a yearly reminder that love is growing to me and that is the best feeling.  So with that off I go to put stamps on a fuckton of cards. 

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