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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Made monsters while watching it snow oh and Bad Baby strikes again.

 This is my newest set of illustrations I put them as sets of three.  Here is how it works for those who would like to know about my monsters.  I do an abstract print then ink blot that bitch in my brain for images on the theme.  This one was about moving on and leaving. 
 This one might be my favorite. 
 This is the original print I saw the other two images in.   If you would like to own this set go here.
Then Bad baby struck again.  Last time he got his diaper off.  This time he got himself a bad ass ride.  Sadly this bad baby is already sold and whisking his way off to his new home.  Apparently bad baby is from Canada who knew.    So I hope this give you a laugh and lets you know what I am up to.

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