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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Dream Mobile yep you read that right this is going to be my dream mobile

Here is the story.  I have found myself the last couple of years turning down a lot of art shows.  The reason is over and over the same thing.  They are more than a days drive and I don't know anyone to stay with. 
A good show can run anything from $100-$400 just for your space and promotion and all of that.  When you start adding in driving which you pretty much have to if you have large works like I do.  Then the cost of hotel, food and for several days it gets expensive quick.  I cannot just drop $600-$1000 dollars on everything just to try a show.  So more and more often I find myself saying sorry no I cannot do this one. 
So the husband and myself came up with this idea.  We are going to turn our old van into a mini make shift RV.  It will have a bed, seating, storage for art and a few amenities like a solar stove and dishwasher.  Things so that we could camp at any place with water around like campgrounds or even a stupid Walmart parking lot if we had to.   
This will not just be a redo for function but also for beauty.  We are going to make it pretty I want it to become beautiful and fun to be in. 
Another part of why I would like it fixed up is this.  I love to get inspired by nature and go out in the woods and this will also provide for that.  Actually we are going to design the inside so it has space for our two old dogs to come with me and have comfy spots to sleep.  The idea being they can have adventures too and it makes going places more fun over night because as it turns out not a lot of hotels are cheap and old weird dog friendly.  The Dream Mobile will be though.
So the first order of business was to figure out what it would cost to do it.  So we did I think we can make it swinging for under $1500-2000 dollars.  So I put in for a small grant for about half of it.  If we get that grant great if not oh well we will just keep plucking at it and doing it as we can afford.
I am thinking that I will document here as we do it because I am sure there are other artist out there who also have this problem who would love to find a decent cheap van and fix it up this way for themselves.  If I get it done and there is interest I will have some kind of little event so people can get together and talk about how to do this for themselves.
This week it starts.  I am clearing out the back seats so we can start figuring out building materials needed.  Wish us luck and I hope you enjoy following along.

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  1. Good luck! It sounds like a fun and practical project! More shows=more love from the people!
    Lindy and jason