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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trash cans and benches and more

So this last week was a really busy but great week.  I finished off some smaller projects but I also got some wonderful presents for my birthday.  What does a birthday look like for a woman with 1000 hobbies.  My husband got my landscaping supplies and the most fabulous bench in the world.  Nope I do not care one bit others might have the exact same bench it is the most fabulous one because he got it for me and I get to sit with coffee while watching my old dogs roam the yard. 
Then my wonderful dad got me a hand held sander and my sister a new sewing box which I love.  That is just the high lights but you get the idea.  Well I am knee deep in house projects and loving it such as this trash can I finished off this week. 
But I still had some time for painting which is of course my first love.  So pretty much shit is going great.  In the coming week I should have photos of a finished pantry rehab and maybe a few more things. 

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