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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy days filled with painting and Danger bear and Granny shoes

 This is one of my most recent paintings.  It is just very happy and cute so I thought I would share. 
 Been sewing things and this is one.  I don't know that it will actually go to the shop but it made me laugh so I put it on Zazzle on a mug and shared it around.  Someone on Facebook got made about it so of course that delighted me. 
Then I have been working on a new doll and made her these little house shoes.  They remind me of the ones my Grand used to wear. 
Have a great week.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life is like a Kangaroo with a pouch full of dicks.

 So recently I have been on a lets make odd shit kick.  You can tell from the bright blue pricks up there nestled in the Captains pocket.  I have no clue why it just needed to happen.  If you like it and want to take this treasure home it is in my shop.

Now this is part of a group of friends we pretty much spend our time making fun of overly dramatic stuff like Gwyneth Paltrow.  For instance this rock is heading for my zen garden.  It may also be made of cat litter. 
Enjoy your day

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Dream Mobile yep you read that right this is going to be my dream mobile

Here is the story.  I have found myself the last couple of years turning down a lot of art shows.  The reason is over and over the same thing.  They are more than a days drive and I don't know anyone to stay with. 
A good show can run anything from $100-$400 just for your space and promotion and all of that.  When you start adding in driving which you pretty much have to if you have large works like I do.  Then the cost of hotel, food and for several days it gets expensive quick.  I cannot just drop $600-$1000 dollars on everything just to try a show.  So more and more often I find myself saying sorry no I cannot do this one. 
So the husband and myself came up with this idea.  We are going to turn our old van into a mini make shift RV.  It will have a bed, seating, storage for art and a few amenities like a solar stove and dishwasher.  Things so that we could camp at any place with water around like campgrounds or even a stupid Walmart parking lot if we had to.   
This will not just be a redo for function but also for beauty.  We are going to make it pretty I want it to become beautiful and fun to be in. 
Another part of why I would like it fixed up is this.  I love to get inspired by nature and go out in the woods and this will also provide for that.  Actually we are going to design the inside so it has space for our two old dogs to come with me and have comfy spots to sleep.  The idea being they can have adventures too and it makes going places more fun over night because as it turns out not a lot of hotels are cheap and old weird dog friendly.  The Dream Mobile will be though.
So the first order of business was to figure out what it would cost to do it.  So we did I think we can make it swinging for under $1500-2000 dollars.  So I put in for a small grant for about half of it.  If we get that grant great if not oh well we will just keep plucking at it and doing it as we can afford.
I am thinking that I will document here as we do it because I am sure there are other artist out there who also have this problem who would love to find a decent cheap van and fix it up this way for themselves.  If I get it done and there is interest I will have some kind of little event so people can get together and talk about how to do this for themselves.
This week it starts.  I am clearing out the back seats so we can start figuring out building materials needed.  Wish us luck and I hope you enjoy following along.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Holy shit my genitals made it to

OK so this morning I am going about my business plotting world domination via little clay penis and guess what I got featured in a story about Etsy and weird shit.  They found my weird shit my Clay nativity to be exact.
I am so delighted as you all know I like a good bit of humor even when it is aimed at me so here is a link.  it is all kinds of not safe for work but then so am I .  So I hope you all get a good laugh and if anyone from Cracked comes across this thanks for the promotion and the laughter.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Made monsters while watching it snow oh and Bad Baby strikes again.

 This is my newest set of illustrations I put them as sets of three.  Here is how it works for those who would like to know about my monsters.  I do an abstract print then ink blot that bitch in my brain for images on the theme.  This one was about moving on and leaving. 
 This one might be my favorite. 
 This is the original print I saw the other two images in.   If you would like to own this set go here.
Then Bad baby struck again.  Last time he got his diaper off.  This time he got himself a bad ass ride.  Sadly this bad baby is already sold and whisking his way off to his new home.  Apparently bad baby is from Canada who knew.    So I hope this give you a laugh and lets you know what I am up to.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Do it with love

So every year I try to do a few small things just because I want to share the love.  My belief is that the more you share it just because you want to the more comes back to you and that I can back up with a good deal of kindness and love from my friends.
Every year I do Valentines not just for me the the husband but for about 100 friends.  It is my version of Christmas cards but sent out when I think people are less likely to get some fun mail.  I make each card by hand well I draw each card by hand and mail them out every place from Australia and South Africa to Canada.
I do this because I want to let me friends know I am thinking of them and celebrate my love for them whoever they are.  I also do this for me it makes me really happy to think of each one and that bond you share whatever it is and use that to inspire the card.  The fact they are happy when they get the card makes me happy.  Every year I set myself a budget and go over a little.  Every year there are more people than the year before who I want to put on that list.  It is like a yearly reminder that love is growing to me and that is the best feeling.  So with that off I go to put stamps on a fuckton of cards.