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Sunday, March 23, 2014

You and your pubic hair a guide to minding your own bushness

So this last week one of my friends pointed out to me that she was chatting in a group and upon stating her pubic care of choice one of the hags started telling her how to be more authentic and what she should do.  The problem o course being it is her pubic hair and her choice what she does with it.  So to keep everyone out of the business of telling others what to do with their bush I made this little Snatch Guide.  It is available for purchase here If you want to bring it home.  I hope this has made you all laugh enjoy your Sunday.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thumb War and other imporant things

 This little painting is my second thumb war painting but I love the idea so I had to make it.  This week has been super busy.  My Zazzle items for Crazy Cat Lady are flying off the shelves.  I had two custom works and I have had other life stuff going on. 
These dinosaurs are part of something new I am going to be doing making little scenes to photograph.  So how was your weekend.
Love Cappy

Friday, March 14, 2014

Have you seen this cat lady?????

So this has been a busy and weird week.  My cat lady seen above was lifted at some point from my Etsy shop.  Well the image was.  I did not have it tagged as I do now but  well lesson learned apparently the world loves the hell out of a crazy cat lady.  Any how people started sending me links and I know she has been shared just on Facebook this week something more than 30,000 times. 
As you can guess that is a lot of missed chances because people had no idea it was from my shop.  So here and now I am saying if you see this cat lady some place uncredited please send this to them or them to me. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rainbows and clouds filling my days If this shit keeps up I willbe dancing on hills in a ugly ass skirt.

 This week has been fantastic.  First I made this jewelry box which it is all I can do to  list and not just hide with some candy and hug it.  Then there was a big thing in my family for my husband he got a hard earned promotion because well he is lucky and works like a demon.  He is maybe the person I know in the world with a stronger work ethic than ants at a picnic.  So beaming with pride for him.

Finished this too it is not up in the shop yet but I love the way the colors play.  I also got my first job on a new site.  Things are just going great and I hope they are for you too. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

This is how I spent the weekend.

 We hung out a lot.  They spent a good deal of time getting snuggles and sleeping on my feet while I painted. 
 I organized my craft space.  Shut the fuck up this is me being serious. 
I forgot I had this in my Easter stuff so I put it up because why the hell not. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bigots roundup on Etsy

So the other day I made the horrid error of wandering around the Etsy forums.  I found this posting.  Apparently Rebekah of LeCharmedBoutique wanted a way to nicely someone she was going to discriminate against them.  It is after all very important not to work with gay people because the bible or some such shit.  Please note though she is perfectly OK with skirting the truth to avoid a law suit.  I don't she realized the reason there is no good way to say I am going to refuse you service in my store for no reason but stupid bigotry is because there is not one.  It makes you a douche.  Unless you are following all the rules of the bible and I mean all of them shut the fuck up.  Considering that she was concerned with not getting herself sued and how to work around it I think for starters thou shall not lie is out the window.  So this shop goes on the places I will never shop list. 
Stephanie Maurin from ElleGraceCreations  was so classy she compared someone liking people of the same gender with pornography because I can only assume she thinks all gay people are porn stars or something. 
See and here is where it really gets gross Mikayla Crosby of MikaylaCrosby explains asking her to paint a image of two people together that happen to be gay is the same as asking someone to paint child pornography.  I would explain to here why she is a fucking idiot as some other people did but when she writes it out herself so well why bother.  I will say in reference to her comment saying you love someone after comparing their love to the abuse of children is a giant crock of shit and you would have to be a total moron not to see that. 
Then there was Cathy of SleepingFoxStitchery she was the highlight of this horrid bog of dick bags.  Her comment was sweet and kind and very much how I felt.  It related just how horrifying it is to think of all the hatred wrapped up in "love" being spewed by these people.  I want to hug my friends to.
The good news is there were many people saying hey this is really disgusting or upset like this woman was.  The bad news there were many saying they understood but would be hush hush about it.
This was really the most depressing thing of all.  It is bad enough to think what the hell  what a total idiot discriminating when you see a thread post on Etsy of a individual shop but the response from Etsy was terrible.  Admin went into the thread and removed various post they considered harsh but left the thread up and to my knowledge the store that is clearly discriminating against gay people. 
Robert gave a cold and horrifying response.  He explains this is a potentially sensitive topic.  Well fuck yes it is and it is about human rights and basic equality Robert.  This is not a I don't like things that are blue post this is a I want to refuse service to people based on their sexual orientation post. 
You are right Robert I did learn something apparently Etsy is going to support shops that promote discrimination. 
Then oddly enough he puts up please don;t make post that speak detrimentally about sexual orientation.  Well shit what exactly does one have to say to be detrimental seriously I would like a fucking list.   
So what I got from this is hate is alive and well and Etsy is going to turn a blind eye.  The thread is called ( How to turn away a customer ) if anyone wants to read it for themselves on the forums. 
Myself I am boycotting the hate filled stores I posted till such time as they start actually providing all customers with respect and service. 
Thanks for reading this rather long post but I felt it was important to call these people out on their shit.