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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Project is underway and this guy is exhausted.

 These first few days have been slow and nothing that would make for great photos.  I mean half a cleaned up garage and some shelves in a kitchen do not great photos make.  So I am bringing you my old dog yawning as he woke up from a nap. 
This bear is something like me on my off time just exchange the guitar for a book.  Well I am hoping by the end of the week to have real photos for you.  love

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big exciting summer plans

 Well guys these here are my dogs as you all know but I love this photo so I am using it every fucking place sue me.  The reason for the photo besides the happy dogs is do you see my porch.  It needs sprucing as do many things around here.
Many of you know me and know we have a long term dream of moving to Sweden likely but some place in Europe as a adventure.    Well in that plan we have to sell this house and that is not right on us but getting closer.  To do so for the money it is worth it to make most of them DIY as it will need a lot of little repairs.
The husband has started a new job that has him away more so here is what I said.  I am taking the summer off to do the repairs.  So when we sell it and while we live in it the thing will be extra spiffy and bring in a good return.
I will not be totally shutting down because I like making things so maybe one or two things a week.  But I am not going to be doing customs with any speed and there will be no urgency to the shop other than mailing out things if they are already made and sell.  I am a bit frightened but excited. 
 Another way I will be spending my summer is this van.  No I am not fucking in there in the summer it would be hot as Hades.  But a while back I told you I had a plan to redo the van so I could use it to do shows farther away and to have a dog friendly mini travel home.  Well this will also be my project for the summer.  I will do one or two shows to get rid of old stock but I am going to just throw caution to the wind and take some time to do some things I need to do. 
This last picture is how I will return if things go badly, no pants and crazy.
So wish me luck that this time off works out for my projects and affords me some inspiration for new places to take the shop in September.
I will blog my remodel adventures as I go if you all would like to be in the know.