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Friday, June 20, 2014

So I had a old ugly chair turns art throne

 This is the story of my new chair.  I simply wanted to put it to use and said hey I can do better. 
First thing I did was bought this.  Why this because I wanted a art cave throne to just flat be silly and thrones should be metallic of course. 
 Then I dug out my sad 1970s Rothman chair.  Now the fabric would be great in theory I mean red plush right but it was old and very worn and did not look nice.  The wood also had a lot of damage. 
 This photo shows the age on the fabric better.  It also shows the first layer of metallic paint.  Please ignore the dirt this is out in front of my garage. 
 This is the chair with finished paint.  As you can see I even considered painting the fabric. 
Then this is it all finished.  Not bad for a total cost of under twelve dollars. 
It still needs a touch of straightening but you get the idea. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trash cans and benches and more

So this last week was a really busy but great week.  I finished off some smaller projects but I also got some wonderful presents for my birthday.  What does a birthday look like for a woman with 1000 hobbies.  My husband got my landscaping supplies and the most fabulous bench in the world.  Nope I do not care one bit others might have the exact same bench it is the most fabulous one because he got it for me and I get to sit with coffee while watching my old dogs roam the yard. 
Then my wonderful dad got me a hand held sander and my sister a new sewing box which I love.  That is just the high lights but you get the idea.  Well I am knee deep in house projects and loving it such as this trash can I finished off this week. 
But I still had some time for painting which is of course my first love.  So pretty much shit is going great.  In the coming week I should have photos of a finished pantry rehab and maybe a few more things. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

And the summer project begins with booze containment

 So the summer project starts with the smallest room I am working on our walk in pantry.  It is the size of a small bathroom and has crappy storage.  So I am adding in some nifty things.  Nice pet doors to keep the dogs out.  A window perch for the cats they love looking out the window in there.  This wine rack and who knows what else I will come up with.  Well any how this is the start the very rough start of my wine rack.  I wanted it to look aged but as you can tell I made it on the cheap using 2x4s. 
 This is it a little farther along.  I made my own stain for it to get just the color I wanted.  Want to know how I made my own stain for about 50 cents well read my next post. 
This is the last photo I finished it.  I aged it great and make it look pretty rough and primitive.  It will be installed in the pantry this week.  I even made the little covers for the screws you see out of polymer clay I painted and played with.  So here for a weekend on and off of work I have my own large exactly as I want wine rack all at a cost of under $12.00    So hope you all had a good weekend.